Our Vision

Graeleigh Creative is a creative services firm catering to small business.   With small advertising budgets and lack of time necessary to brand your company & use the ever-evolving social media platforms as effective marketing tools, small companies are in need of affordable alternatives to large agencies.

Advertising is vital in marketing a business.  As internet importance increases, it is essential that businesses create a presence that is known. This can require time and research.  Depending on individual situations, it could prove difficult to manage a business and its marketing at the same time. With Graeleigh Creative you can outsource all of your marketing needs at an affordable price.


Creating company publicity online along with a successful marketing strategy on your behalf saves time and money while increasing your client base. Graeleigh Creative strives to build accessible relationships with clients by listening to their needs and creating a plan accordingly.  Utilizing a combination of marketing presence will increase your customer base thus creating an escalation in revenue. At Graeleigh Creative, marketing is less about running one-way campaigns and more about building ongoing interactive client relationships.

Next Steps...